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Inspiring people to rely on each other

Proudly Serving Greater Houston Since 1903

We are committed to helping communities and clients secure their future and protect their loved ones.

At SFG we are committed to providing an efficient and seamless comprehensive financial planning experience. Our team of specialists provides financial clarity to a diverse group of clients while helping them reach their goals.

To be the premier comprehensive planning firm in Texas, delivering top-tier advisor support and protection-first planning.

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

A team here for you

Our Planning Process


We ask questions and get a clear understanding of your financial goals and objectives.


We provide you with suggestions to fill in the gaps so you can choose the products best suited for your situation.


We implement your strategies to secure the required products and services to help you strive for financial freedom.


We work with you over time through periodic reviews to help you evaluate the strategies in place, and their capacity to continue to meet your goals.

*Financial plan recommendations can be implemented with the advisor of your choosing.  Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial planning fee

A team here for you

Our Community Values

The process of listening and exchanging ideas, information, and progress. Communication occurs within teams/departments, across teams/departments, and within the firm. This process is vital to being productive and efficient.

Describes people who believe their success depends on time and effort. People with a growth mindset feel their skills and intelligence can be improved with effort and persistence. They embrace challenges, persist through obstacles, learn from criticism, and seek inspiration in others’ success.

Productivity includes following the 12-week year and being efficient with our work efforts. We will leverage the talents and strengths of our team members by working collaboratively toward accomplishing the

agency’s goals.

Being dedicated to our work and to keeping our word. Commitment encompasses our desire to serve the firm and help it achieve its objectives.

The standards of behavior and beliefs that hard work will produce positive results. At SFG, we work with integrity, honesty, discipline, accountability, and efficiency all while having fun.


Work with Financial Professionals who deeply care about your future.

What We Do

Serving Diverse Communities

We found that in order to effectively serve diverse communities, we must understand what matters most to each cultural community.

Committed to community

Community Involvements

Our community involvement through charitable organizations and civic events is deeply important to us and our time and resources invested are additional reasons we've earned trust from so many in this area.

Shot of group of business persons in business meeting. Three entrepreneurs on meeting in board room. Corporate business team on meeting in modern office. Female manager discussing new project with her colleagues. Company owner on a meeting with two of her employees in her office.
Meet our team

Our Leadership

High standards, responsiveness, and qualified services are the three underlying principles of work.

JK McAndrews

President & CEO, Managing Partner

Jared Lyons

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Marshall Bennett

Director of Marketing

Dan Diamond

Director of Investments

Scotti Sulak

Agency Supervisory Officer

Roger Szczypien

Financial Planning Director

Susan Tasson

Chief of Staff, Director of Recruiting

Entrepreneurial Mindset

The detailed planning of the business result over the short & long run.


Leading and controlling your team & resources with the overall aim of achieving business objectives.

Relationship Focused

Keeping your bank account and taxes up-to-date, payroll, tax planning & preparation.
Inspiring people to rely on each other

Our Measures of Community Value

As a General Agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (Strategic Financial Group), we are backed by a mutually owned company that has helped people keep their promises, protect their families, and support their communities since 1851. Strategic Financial Group calls it Living Mutual, and it’s in their DNA. Ours too: along with Strategic Financial Group, we are committed to helping you secure your future and protect the ones you love.

$ 0 Million

over $11.7 billion of life insurance coverage in force1

$ 0 Million
paid over $56.6 million in life insurance benefits2 and $2.8 million in disability income insurance benefits (claims)3 to our clients.2
$ 0 Million
paid $27.2 million in dividends4 to Strategic Financial Group clients who own eligible participating whole life policies with Strategic Financial Group.3
$ 0 Million
distributed $23.7 million in free5 life insurance to eligible families as part of Strategic Financial Group’s LifeBridgeSM Program. 4

1Amount of individual life insurance in force at the end of the period related to products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company (12/31/2022).

2Amount of individual life insurance claims paid during the period related to products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company (12/31/2022).

3Amount of disability income insurance claims paid during the period related to products issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (12/31/2022).

4The amount of dividends to whole life policyholders in 2022.

5Strategic Financial Group pays the premiums (12/31/2022).

Work with dedicated professionals to plan your financial future.

Our community initiatives.