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Joseph Galluzzi, CLU®, ChFC®

Financial Services Executive

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English, Spanish



My name is Joseph M. Galluzzi a.k.a. Joey Galluzzi. If you googled my name, chances are you saw me making meatballs and thought cool, but can this guy handle my finances? YES! Here’s why. Yes, I’m educated, smart, a great guy, and my mother loves me but nobody cares about that. What you should care about is why I do what I do. Long story short, after 14yrs of great success in the life insurance business, I pursued my dream of owning a restaurant, and soon opened another. After 8yrs of living my dream March 23, 2020, the country was shut down. I was forced out of business and just like that, my biggest fear was now reality – my income was $0, my brokerage and retirement accounts were down 40%. Scared to death with no idea how long this would last, I reviewed my finances to figure out how much longer I can support my family and at age 50, also worried about catching this little known virus that could be fatal. When I reviewed my life insurance portfolio, I cannot describe the feeling of relief. Not just because of the millions in tax-free cash my family would get if I died, but the boatload of tax-free cash built up in those policies, available to me tax and penalty free. It was that moment I had an epiphany – if only I could bottle this feeling and share it with the world! How many others would love to feel this peace, relief, and well-being, to be sure their families are protected no matter what, even with a market down 40% while facing the possibility of the end of the world? I immediately made the tough decision to close my restaurants for good and get back into this business with a whole new perspective and to help as many people as I possibly can. I decided to partner with MassMutual, one of the nation’s oldest, finest and strongest financial institution. In business since 1851, MassMutual has weathered recessions, depressions, world wars, and now a world-wide pandemic giving me the extra confidence needed to be sure I am helping clients secure their family’s financial well being with this powerhuse behind me. I hope we never face a worldwide crisis again, but the reality is we face the risk of a life altering or ending event daily. Think about it. How many people every day never make it home from work, or out of nowhere, diagnosed with a terminal disease? You could be living YOUR dream now, but the unthinkable could happen to anyone, anytime. While I can’t help you avoid it, I can help you be prepared for it! You see, the restaurant and life insurance business are very similar. Why? You need food for life and money to live, but at the end of the day, it’s about people and taking care of people. It’s about putting the people I work with in a position of certainty that theirs and their loved ones goals and dreams will be achieved. What is more important to you than having the invaluable peace of mind that your family will always be ok, no matter what? This is why I am excited about every day I get to go to work. This is why I do what I do. I am dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and helping them protect those they love. Along with a team of professionals, I offer guidance to my clients to help them reach their financial goals. I can provide comprehensive financial strategies and/or focus on one specific area of need such as: Life insurance planning Retirement income solutions Income protection Long term care planning and protection Estate planning strategies Charitable giving strategies Employee benefit and retention services Business protection and continuation strategies My goal is to provide families and business owners with assistance in building their financial freedom. I have the skills, knowledge and experience required to help meet my client’s established goals. My personal goal is to become a lifetime resource for each and every client. Schedule a meeting TODAY either on the phone, via Zoom, or in person and see for yourself!

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