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Jeremy Helmcamp

Jeremy Helmcamp

Financial Representative

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My name is Jeremy Helmcamp, and I am a Financial Representative for Strategic Financial Group, a MassMutual firm. I was born and raised in Midland, Texas, where oil seemed to be the only thing worth talking about. Given that my family was part of this industry, I grew up watching the impact that volatility had on the town, where people could gain mass wealth and lose everything all in the same week.   My passion for ministry and foundation of my faith all began in 1st grade, when my parents enrolled me at the school, Midland Christian. I attended there until I eventually graduated high school in 2018. Many of my teachers deserve credit for the mentorship and wisdom they imparted on my life. They taught me the foundations of scripture, brought me on mission trips, and lived out their faith by loving and taking care of people. To this day, I keep up with many of them and seek their counsel on life challenges.   After high school, I went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Minor in Spanish at Texas A&M University. This field of study was not my original plan, but my desire to minister and serve others pushed me in a direction where I could do that firsthand. Upon graduating in 2021, I went on to do a church residency at WoodsEdge Community Church, as well as began my M.A. in Chaplaincy and Ministry Care at Dallas Theological Seminary. As a resident on the Prayer and Care team, I was mentored my pastors that specialized in counseling, addiction recovery, marriage, funerals, and crisis situations. The experienced I gained working with them allowed me to help people in need and learn how to counsel others.   Towards the end of my residency, I got connected with someone in the financial services industry through the church. I knew my seminary would take many years to complete, so I wanted to build a career while I continued my education. I took the opportunity to work under two financial professional, where I was introduced to the complexity of the financial world. I shadowed these financial professionals, as they planned out financial security for clients, whether it was insurance, investments, or retirement. My duties included processing new business and performing maintenance for retirement and investment accounts, which showed me how crucial it was to educate people in managing their wealth. To my amazement, I could see how I could apply my ministry background in working with people and helping to provide them with financial security.   My goal now is to build a financial service practice that strives to truly take care of clients and act in their best interest. The lesson that has been the most valuable to me is that ministry can take place anywhere, which is the mindset I will bring to my practice. I hope to develop close relationships and be a resource that can help put people on a stable path to their financial goals.

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